How you can get started:

1: Apply for a job

If you see a job that matches your skills and experience, use the link to apply.

Can I speak to a recruiter who recruits in my industry?
If I submit my resume, will they find me a job?

Ian Martin is a recruitment firm, not an employment agency. We are hired by companies to find them people with the right talent and skills for their projects.

Unlike employment agencies, we don’t actively search for jobs for you on your behalf. Instead, we draw from our network and database of candidates to fill the needs of the companies we work for. And if one of those needs suits your skills and experience, we will call upon you to interview for the role.

The best way to get noticed for your skills and experience is to create a profile.

2: Create a profile

You probably feel like your resume doesn’t accurately represent the depth of your talent, skills and experience. It’s outdated the moment you hit “submit”. Most candidates don’t like writing resumes and most recruiters don’t like reading them.

With your own profile in LiveHire, you can highlight your skills and get noticed.

What is LiveHire, and why do I need to create a profile?

We use LiveHire to connect jobseekers and clients.

The app allows you, as a job seeker, to create and control a single profile and be connected to several opportunities that match your skills and experience. Rather than sending out multiple tailored applications, you only need to update this one profile and our recruiters will match you with opportunities that suit your skills, experience, and preferences.

By keeping your preferences up to date on your profile (such as your availability, pay expectations, geographic location, etc.), our recruiters can efficiently match you with suitable job opportunities before they go on job boards.

3: Take assignments

If your application and interview is successful, you’ll get your agreement from Ian Martin. Your contract is with Ian Martin, working on assignment with the client company. You’ll have your own dedicated Contractor Success Representative who will help you with the paperwork and onboarding process and support you while you’re on assignment.

As your employer of record, it’s Ian Martin who pays you and we handle your timesheets, expenses, taxes and deductions (for Contract Employees) or invoices (for Independent Consultants).

Do you charge a fee?

No. There’s no fee to submit your resume and apply for jobs, and no fee to work with us.

We’re hired by companies to find and employ qualified professionals like you; they pay us a percentage to employ contractors for their projects, manage contracts, and handle payroll and deductions. We are paid by the client company; it is not taken off your hourly pay rate.