20-069 – Cost & Schedule Analyst

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Cost & Schedule Analyst

 Resume Due Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2020 (5:00PM EST)                                          

Number of Vacancies: 2

 Duration: 2 years

 Location: Pickering

 This is an exciting opportunity to work in an environment where you will contribute to Ontario Power Generation’s continued growth and success in generating safe, clean, reliable low-cost power in a sustainable manner.

  • Responsible for coordinating, facilitating and driving the Front End Planning Process.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop and maintain updated and accurate schedule.
  • Perform monthly schedule updates and cost analysis.
  • Develop and maintain program level schedules in Primavera P6.
  • Prepare and obtain approval of applicable change control documentation.
  • Facilitate and support project financial process including the use of EcoSys.
  • Assist with continuous improvement of Project Management Office processes and procedures.
  • Assist with development and continuous improvement of the project controls information systems.


  • A thorough understanding of schedules, finances and required performance for the assigned projects required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Applied Science,. Business, P.Eng, PMP, CCP, PSP are considered strong assets.
  • Experienced with project controls principles, theories, and concepts such as project scoping, risk management, estimating, budgeting, forecasting and scheduling.
  • Project management or Project Controls experience within a Nuclear generating facility an asset.
  • Experienced with engineering and construction management concepts, methods and techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to develop and deliver reports, briefings, project plans, and presentations.
  • Good organizational and leadership skills, and to be a self-starter who can work both independently and in a team environment that is dedicated to engineering excellence and best practices.
  • Have a strong interest in fast-paced, challenging work environments where showing initiative and self motivation are assets;
  • Strong in understanding, executing and following governance and procedures with a questioning and analytical attitude.
  • Proven track record on delivering results; experience with Primavera P6 and EcoSys is an asset


Work management Program Coordinator No. 2


What’s required to be successful as the PMC – Online Work Management SPOC……….  

Key customers are:

  • PM’s / FTL’s
  • Work Week Leaders
  • Ownership – The SPOC needs to assume ownership and provide oversight of all PMC work on the station plan. This includes:
  • Ensuring PMs are ready for execution if the work is bundled
  • Chasing Engineering for procedures for PM’s so they can be completed if work is bundled or is a pre req
  • Confirming and pushing the execution of associated corrective work that needs to be completed prior to the project work
  •  Pushing FTL’s to submit Work Requests so work can be added to the station plan
  •  Fighting for project work to stay on the plan when other groups want to bumped it off or are competing for resources
  • Issuing SWA’s if work is bumped off the plan
  •  Help the PM’s and FTL’s plan, schedule and execute work.
  •  Explain the Work Management process to the PM’s and FTL’s. Help the PM’s and FTL’s with all activities related to scheduling work. Hold their hand until they learn the process.
  • Introduce the PM’s and FTL’s to the Work Week Leaders, Ops, Mtce FLM’s, etc, etc,,,,
  •   Accompany the FTL’s to the Shift Mgr. for SWA sign-off and approval as required. Some FTL’s are very intimidated the first time they meet the Shift Mgr..
  •   Work with Assessing to ensure tasks are assessed on time or new tasks are added as required.
  • Send Assessing a weekly PMC Project Backlog Report of tasks to be assessed.
  •  Walk-about: visit B06 and B33 at least once a day, possibly twice a day depending on outstanding actions. 
  • Resolve scheduling and planning issues with PMs and FTL’s face-to-face when possible.
  •  Meet with 3 to 5 PMs / FTLs per visit to B06 and B33.
  • Continually review work on the station plan to ensure it stays on the plan. Confirm work is not in the WZ-Bin or moved out to a future date without your knowledge. 
  • Leverage and remind people of the “Ready to Work” program. Work with the T-26 Cycle Mgr. to ensure work is added to the plan.
  •  Review work at T-0 and T+1 to confirm it was completed as scheduled. Reschedule or Scope Work Authorization (SWA) it immediately back on to the station plan if required. 
  • Resolve material issues and confirm the status of material with Supply Chain. Send an email, follow up with a face-to-face meeting when possible.
  • Send the out the PMC Project – Online Work Management report every two weeks.
  • Present and review the PMC Project – Online Work Management report every Wednesday during Visual Mgmt Board (VMB) with the Work Week Leaders.
  •  Help complete SWA’s for the FTL’s if they’re maxed out.
  • Visit the maintenance shops a couple of times a week.
  • Work closely with Work Group Coords (WGC’s) and Cost & Schedule Techs (CST’s) from each Performance Team. Give them lots of heads up on projects which will be executed by their crews.
  •  Coordinate Team Action Meetings (TAM’s) and monthly meetings with project groups and key stakeholders such as Fuel Handling.
  •  Visit the shops (stand in the shop) especially when work is scheduled on the weekend to make sure it’s executed.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!

Work Management Program Coordinator No. 1

We are currently seeking a Work Management Program Coordinator


  • Monitor daily, weekly scheduled activities for all Building Trades Union (BTU) tasks on the daily schedule look ahead meeting (SLAM), T-2, T-5, T-12 and T-26 online station schedule
  • Ensure BTU tasks Start/Finish times are correctly scheduled for all online work activities
  • Provide updates to Work Management regarding potential scope for task sequencing/duration changes
  • Report out at and speak to any assigned actions/updates during T-meetings
  • Status of work, scope updates and schedule recommendations including:
  • Addition/removal of work and risks
  • Impacts
  • For any new Managed Exceptions, support or object
  • Follow up with FTL/FLM to ensure that station tasks are on track or require to be moved/cancelled
  • Ensure sign-offs are complete to the committed scheduled date by BTU/Vendor crews
  • Prepare and provide material reports for projects team
  • Other duties as required

Rad Protection Coordinator

Job Title: Rad Protection Coordinator


Hours: 6:00am-6:00pm

Start Date: September 1st 2020

End Date: December 21st 2020

What we’re looking for:


Education and Required Experience:

  • ANSI 18.1-1971 (Chemistry and Rad Protection) & ANSI/ANS 3.1-1981 (Selection, Qualification and Training of Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants) Qualified

Project Manager, Turbine Generators

We are currently seeking Project Manager, Turbine Generators

The Project Manager is accountable for leading and delivering large-scale capital projects from

development to closeout and effectively balancing the competing demands of quality, scope, time, and

cost. Such projects will include modifications to station systems, structures and components, other

support infrastructure repair, improvement, or new construction and can be expected to span several

years. The position is directly accountable to and works under the direction of the Sr. Program Manager

responsible for project execution at the Stations. The Project Manager is expected to perform duties

with minimal supervision and a high degree of initiative.

Key Responsibilities

Project Planning & Delivery

  • Manages an integrated project team (IPT) responsible for successfully delivering projects within a
  • strong matrix organizational structure. The Project Manager provides day-to-day supervision and
  • direction to all members of the IPT for the duration of their involvement with the project.
  • Leads the integrated project team in the delivery of their assigned mission and hold such
  • accountability for the entire project lifecycle from development through closeout.
  • Complies with and oversees execution of the policies, processes, and procedures in the management system that governs project delivery and ensures execution is efficient and effective. Directs the integrated project team’s execution of project delivery processes and reporting systems to ensure consistent, effective, high-quality project management through each phase of the project lifecycle.
  • Manages project milestones and budgets from development through closeout measuring
  • performance and taking necessary corrective actions to maintain the agreed upon schedules and costs. Prepares financial status reports for the Sr. Program Manager and/or PMC and Customer’s senior
  • leadership team.
  • Provides oversight on day-to-day project delivery activities, assuring compliance with applicable
  • requirements and assisting decision-making authority for controversial/high profile projects.
  • Manages assigned projects within the authorized funds provided.
  • Manages project-related contracts within the authorized contract amounts and schedules.
  • Reviews and analyzes cost reports to assure charges are authorized and appropriate; identifies
  • authorized charges and assures corrective actions are taken for the ultimate disposition of inappropriate charges.
  • Prepares project status and other reports required by PMC Division project management
  • methodologies.
  • Ensures assigned projects have work breakdown structures and resource loaded schedules per PMC scheduling standards, commensurate with the complexity of the project.
  • Ensures variances and changes to cost and schedule are tracked, explained and acted upon as
  • required.
  • Ensures assigned projects have required risk logs and risk management plans
  • Participates in PMC Group decisions affecting long- and short-range courses of action for assigned projects.
  • Leads the project team in maintaining compliance with the 4 Pillars of Nuclear Safety (Reactor,
  • Radiological, Industrial & Environmental) and upholds client’s number one value Safety First. Aligning and integrating with other PMC & Bruce Power Departments and stakeholders
  • Negotiates with, and integrates all functions (i.e., planning, design, engineering, construction,
  • contracting, procurement etc.), consistent with the customer needs and PMC commitments in support of assigned projects into a comprehensive Project Management Plan. Within this plan, integrates schedules and criteria and establishes project scope and criteria, schedules and milestones, budgets, dependencies, and responsibilities of the participating parties, assumptions and risks, contingencies, and performance measurement criteria.
  • Anticipates problems and proactively consults with other senior managers in identifying issues that may hinder the success of a project. Develops strategies and presents solutions to affected customer groups such as station management, regulators, union officials and others.
  • Resolves controversies (i.e., conflicts with contractors on work flow/priorities; negotiating with union officials and/or regulatory bodies on staff/work related problems; violations of legislated or regulatory processes) that challenge the successful execution of project work. Listens and responds appropriately to concerns and develops refined solutions that become process improvements.
  • Interfaces regularly with the Customer, Stakeholders, PMC throughout the project lifecycle in order to ensure execution is in-line with commitments and expectations.
  • Integrates all the processes and functions involved in the project, including planning, engineering,
  • design, procurement, construction, commissioning and other technical functions. Coordinates actions and decisions with these elements, resolving conflicts and settling issues by dealing with managers who are responsible for their phase of the project.

 Planning and Staff Leadership

  •  Evaluates workload projections and staffing requirements pertaining to assigned projects, based on resource loaded schedules. Assigns duties within the project team and renders necessary project management assistance to assure compliance with program/project budget, criteria, deadlines, and mission accomplishment.
  • Manages the activities of the IPT to assure steady workflow, maximum production, compliance with deadlines and regulatory requirements, and efficiency of project operations.
  • Manages contracted resources to ensure the contractor provides quality services and/or qualified
  • personnel.
  • Manages and monitors the work and performance of team members, through regular individual
  • supervision (to include coaching and mentoring, performance management, discipline and grievance procedures etc.) and is accountable for the quality of the work of both individuals and the team.
  • Conducts team release conversations

20-066- Contracts Coordinator

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Contracts Coordinator 

Resume Due Date: Thursday, August 13 2020 (5:00PM EST)  

Number of Vacancies: 3 

Duration: 3 years 

Location: Darlington

Job Overview

  • Provide oversight to the vendor partners based on safety standards as per the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) and maintenance expectations.
  • Act as subject matter expert (SME) for areas such as Hoisting & Rigging, Foreign Material Exclusion (FME), Work Protection, and/or Space Allocation Transient Material (SATM).
  • Build Positive working relationships with OPG and Contractors.
  • Interact verbally with Contract workers to coach for improvements and praise positive behaviours.
  • Assist Contractors to remove obstacles to help them be successful.
  • Complete End of Shift reports and look up documents as required.
  • Involved in the Look ahead Process as required.


  • Previous Field Oversight experience preferred.
  • OPG Darlington experience required.
  • Trades background knowledge in one or more fields.
  • Maintenance and refurbishment experience required as well as knowledge of the station and refurbishment integration.

20-067- Section Manager, Projects

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Section Manager, Projects 

Resume Due Date: Monday, August 24, 2020 (5:00PM EST)                         

Number of Vacancies: 3 

Duration: 2 years 

Location: Clarington

Job Overview

This position will focus on project deliverables required to take the Darlington New Nuclear Project from concept to close out. This will require a dynamic and collaborative project team to manage the evaluation new technologies, work closely with technology companies and vendors to plan the project, produce schedules and estimates, manage risks, manage vendor contracts, and plan and oversee execution of site activities.

  •  Plan, organize, schedule, and coordinate the work of Department staff. Validate the work within the work group to ensure good quality, accuracy, and productivity.
  • Develop work methods. Make recommendations to the Supervisor regarding training.
  • Conduct and submit written appraisals to Supervisor for review/ approval.
  • Provide advice, administer, diagnose and solve problems associated with Department facilities and specific project elements.
  • Define project objectives, scope, estimates, schedules, work plans and all resource requirements, (including equipment and staffing).
  • Integrate tile efforts of all persons contributing to a project including the tile customer, planning, finance, engineering, estimating, drafting, installation, quality control, radiation protection, safety, security, materials management, cost and schedule control, commissioning and documentation.
  • Coordinate and implement project technical work/solutions, and initiate the acquisition of appropriate approvals, as required in support of the operation and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Identify potential problems and opportunities in assigned areas and/or systems in the facility.
  • Assess, evaluate, diagnose, identify, and recommend initial disposition of the problems as requiring (1) further review and investigation(s), (2) abandonment of tile problems being the best alternative.
  • Prepare submissions, including cost justification or financial evaluation as appropriate; recommend adoption of the proposal and the steps required to incorporate same.
  • Prepare proposals and detailed documentation, such as equipment specifications, engineering calculations, installation, testing, operating and maintenance procedures, and the like.
  • Submit necessary documentation covering complete proposal for forwarding to responsible bodies for requirements of Ontario Hydro, OHN, DNGD, regulatory bodies, codes and standards, are implemented.
  • Identify new developments and technological advancements in the field for potential incorporation in the Department.
  • Prepare new or revised procedures consistent with operating licenses, policies, principles, Department/Division standard practices, standing instructions, maximum safety of operation, minimal risk of damage or loss, optimum frequency of routines, efficient operation and the like.
  • Prepare reports, for distribution to various groups, outlining technical details of procedure, processes, results, or conclusions and the roles played by internal and/or external groups; including Ontario Hydro, AECt, or other external agencies – this may include the delivery of presentations.
  • Prepare or assist in the preparation of specifications, for purchasing requisitions for material, services, and equipment.
  • Follow-up with procurement contact, and provide necessary project technical services during field installation.
  • Prepare recommendations for spare parts requirements for existing and new equipment.
  • Recommend research and development programs required to improve equipment, system(s), or unit reliability or performance, chemical control, material performance, rates and the like.
  • Lead the application of quality principles to the work of the Unit, through enhanced service and team approach.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Department’s annual budget. Required to provide cost estimates for new products and update costs of existing projects for input into Departmental budgets.
  • Monitor actual project costs, and investigate and explain variances. Assist in the preparation of financial justification for the release of project funds.


  • Industry experience in different reactor technologies are considered an asset.
  • Knowledge of engineering and sciences principles, theories, applications and technology are required. This includes; physics, electrical, instrumentation, chemistry, chemistry components, mechanical, metallurgy, mathematics and economics.
  • The ability to effectively understand, evaluate, initiate, and advise on the processes and work programs in use, the components and structures installed in nuclear facilities, the CANDU Reactor, and operating characteristics of associated systems and equipment to facilitate the solution of maintenance and operating problems.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills are required.
  • A strong background related to design/construction of projects with particular emphasis the systems associated with nuclear facilities.
  • Practical operating and technical experience associated with the Nuclear power plant design and operation required.
  • Experience in project management and all aspects of engineering management processes.
  • Ability to comprehend, interpret and apply Operating Policies and Principles, administrative policies and procedures, radiation protection policies, practices and standards affiliated with related project design.

Experience to provide functional advice, guidance and interpretation of engineering programs, standards and procedures

20-068- Engineering Project Lead

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Engineering Project Lead 

Resume Due Date: Friday, August 14th (5:00PM EST)  

Number of Vacancies: 1 

Duration: 2 years 

Location: Darlington

Job Overview

 ·      Responsible for managing the assigned modifications and coordinating with support organizations to ensure modification deliverables are completed with quality by the scheduled need dates.

·      Performs Modification and Field Team Leader (MTL/FTL) activities as outlined in N-PROC-MP-0090, Modification Process. The majority of the work will be in the installation planning, available for service / operations turnover, and closeout phases of the Engineering Change Control Process but may include supporting other phases of the process.

·      Facilitates and expedites resolution of project technical issues in order to meet the overall cost and schedule project objectives.

·      Provides field oversight for installation and commissioning activities.

·      Reviews the operations turnover plan, if required, and ensures deliverables prior to commissioning have been completed.

·      Champions resolution of any outstanding issues impeding the start of installation and commissioning, including reviewing the Issue Tracking File (ITF) and bringing to closure any items from the post installation walk down that are required prior to installation and commissioning.

·      Ensures that all intent revisions and Field Initiated Changes (FICs) are reflected in formal EC revisions and are approved prior to operations acceptance and prior to Available for Service (AFS).

·      Leads Temporary Modification (TMOD) removal, AFS and Operation Acceptance process activities.

·      Ensures open items in the ITF required for Temporary Modification (TMOD) removal, operations acceptance and AFS are completed, and that other open items are recorded in action tracking.

·      Review Construction Completion Declarations (CCDs) where the executing organization is a Contractor to ensure completion of field work in support of preparation and approval of the CCD package.

·      Ensures proper status of Engineering Changes (ECs) in asset suite (AS7).

·      Confirms all open items are completed for each EC within six months of AFS, Operations Acceptance, or TMOD removal.

·      Closes Project ECs and closes the Master EC once all design ECs and project ECs are closed.

·      Supports the Engineering and Project Section manager in department initiatives and reporting activities.


 ·      Experience in executing OPG’s Engineering Change Control Process (N-PROC-MP-0090) required.

·      Must have experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

·      Minimum B.Eng. or equivalent is required in the field of Mechanical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering.

·      Must have Pressure Boundary experience as it applies to CSA N285 and ASME.

20-065- Senior Technical Officer

Job Overview 

·      Support Projects and Modifications work, Seismic Walkdown Guide, Small Modular Reactor (SMR), and Darlington New Nuclear Support.

·      Preparing design changes for modifications at Nuclear Power Plants.

·      Preparing Seismic walk-down procedures as per Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Guidelines.

·      Geotech investigations and site preparation for new site development.

·      Integrated Safety Reviews for Licence Renewals.

·      Aging Management of Concrete Structures. 


·      Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering required.

·      Knowledge of National Building Code of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Standards N287 series, N291, N289 series.

·      At least 10 years experience in Design/Refurbishment of large concrete structures.

·      Experience in Aging of Concrete Structures.

·      Knowledge of STAAD.Pro software.

·      Preferred OPG DE Qualified 33685.

·      Knowledge of Containment concrete structures and structural analysis.

20-062 Senior Advisor

20-059 – Cost & Schedule Analyst

Risk Supervisor/Lead

20-056 – Project Engineer

20-016 – Senior Technical Engineer

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position:  Senior Technical Engineer
Resume Due Date: May 20th 2020 (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 2 years
Location: Darlington

Job Overview

  • Perform the duties of a DTL and/or Design Engineer.
  • Perform Plant Modifications, oversight of contractors, administration of design activities and other design engineering responsibilities.
  • Working with a high standard of quality, accuracy and providing results aligned with commitments.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science/Engineering in Mechanical, Electrical, I&C, or Civil.
  • 10+ years of experience in a related field.
  • P.Eng (required)
  • Knowledge of the OPG ECC Process; B51, B31.1, SAME Section III Code knowledge.
  • Project Planning and Project Management knowledge as it relates to the oversight of design engineering work.
  • Prior experience providing engineering estimates and building schedules for design work.
  • Nuclear/OPG Qualifications (asset)

19-127 – Project Engineer

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position:  Project Engineer
Resume Due Date:  Thursday May 14th 2020 
Number of Vacancies: 4
Duration: 2 years
Project: Darlington Station Roof(s) Replacement, Darlington Water Treatment Plan
Location:  Oshawa

Job Overview

  • Undertake the organizing, coordinating and controlling of all stages of project engineering for assigned projects or project packages from inception and approval to final acceptance, or its transfer to a dedicated project unit, as circumstances dictate.
  • Provide coordination and assistance in the preparation of preliminary project studies and reports, and in the preparation of submissions to senior management, the Executive Office and the Board of Directors, for project approval and the release of funds.
  • Initiate and coordinate estimates and project performance specifications.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on cost and schedule changes.
  • Provide appropriate departments and agencies with detailed project requirements, interpreting and discussing with personnel involved as required.
  • Arrange for application to, and negotiate with, agencies, internal and external, for all necessary approvals, licenses, permits or clearances required.
  • Coordinate the clarification of design and specification requirements, and arrange for necessary changes.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor the preparation of specifications, requisitions, evaluation of tenders, purchasing recommendations, and contract administration.
  • Arrange meetings as required to coordinate requirements and progress between design, suppliers, construction and operations.
  • Maintain close liaison with field construction and operation on matters involving design, schedules, costing, and other related issues.
  • Initiate, coordinate, arrange and control supporting services to other departments and external organizations.
  • Provide immediate and higher management with appropriate reports on work packages.
  • Review detailed cost variance reports, provide explanations and recommendations for over or under expenditures, and take corrective actions when required.
  • Execute other project management functions as required by corporate policies and procedures.
  • Meet with consultants, suppliers, and contractors before and after contract awards to interpret requirements, review progress, obtain cooperation and coordination in projects, and discuss ideas.
  • Prepare and coordinate the preparation of all information pertinent to an assigned project required for input to the generation planning process and/or alternative to be considered. Prepare and coordinate the preparation of project assessment reports.
  • Maintain liaison with concerned internal and external groups, regulatory bodies and agencies, and cooperate in exchange of engineering and other relevant data as required to meet the project objectives.
  • Arrange and as appropriate, chair meetings involving group(s) concerned with a given project.
  • Guide and direct discussions involving internal staff, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and the like, in an effort to efficiently and effectively meet project objectives.
  • Visit various site locations, manufacturers, suppliers, and the like.
  • Be prepared to observe plant sites and installations in Canada and outside the country to observe techniques, equipment, etc.
  • Provide input as required, and utilize knowledge gained for Ontario Power Generation application.
  • Keep all project parties informed of latest capital construction and other corporate procedures.
  • Review and maintain awareness of all corporate procedures pertinent to project control and administration.
  • Communicate with appropriate departments and areas to ensure availability of current practices on budgeting, estimating, scheduling, etc.
  • Participate in programs to dispose of surplus equipment which become available, consequent to cancelled construction projects, such as unused turbines, generators and the like.
  • Meet with potential buyers and attempt to influence same to accept such equipment in lieu of other purchases.
  • Maintain an awareness of technological advancements in engineering and construction fields.
  • Review technical publications and other literature.
  • Communicate with engineering counterparts internally and externally to discuss views on improved designs, products, methods and techniques.
  • On a periodic basis, where dictated by circumstance, be responsible for the supervision of engineers and technicians. Recommend to Supervisor the assignment of engineers or technicians. Assemble job information and plan work as necessary.
  • Assign portions of the work, and provide advice and direction as required. Check and assume responsibility for the work issued.


  • 5+ years of experience.
  • Requires a knowledge of engineering as related to design requirements for proposed major facilities and components.
  • Requires a knowledge of physics, engineering, mathematics and chemistry as related to stress, materials and total system performance.
  • Requires a knowledge of economics to provide cost estimates and cost trends concerning generating station construction and operation.
  • Familiarity with OPG's Engineering/Procurement/Construction contract model is an asset.
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired either through the successful completion of a four year university education in an appropriate engineering field or by having the equivalent level of education.
  • Requires experience in planning and development aspects of electrical power plants to become familiar with generating station design and associated components.
  • Requires experience in a generalized but related industry to appreciate manufacturing and supply techniques. Requires experience to solve problems, provide guidance and initiate studies, designs and economic forecasts.
  • Requires experience to understand the interrelationship(s) of various internal and external groups in order to facilitate objectives.
  • Requires experience and knowledge related to environmental protection and associated concerns. Requires experience in project management.

Experience in the following would be an asset:

  • OH180 & ABB controllers, Mechanical & Process systems, & Multi-discipline installations
  • Design and/or Construction of Water Treatment Plants and large diameter Piping installations in brownfield setting (including buried piping)
  • Implementation of Station Cranes , Elevators