Work management Program Coordinator No. 2

Job ID:


What’s required to be successful as the PMC – Online Work Management SPOC……….  

Key customers are:

  • PM’s / FTL’s
  • Work Week Leaders
  • Ownership – The SPOC needs to assume ownership and provide oversight of all PMC work on the station plan. This includes:
  • Ensuring PMs are ready for execution if the work is bundled
  • Chasing Engineering for procedures for PM’s so they can be completed if work is bundled or is a pre req
  • Confirming and pushing the execution of associated corrective work that needs to be completed prior to the project work
  •  Pushing FTL’s to submit Work Requests so work can be added to the station plan
  •  Fighting for project work to stay on the plan when other groups want to bumped it off or are competing for resources
  • Issuing SWA’s if work is bumped off the plan
  •  Help the PM’s and FTL’s plan, schedule and execute work.
  •  Explain the Work Management process to the PM’s and FTL’s. Help the PM’s and FTL’s with all activities related to scheduling work. Hold their hand until they learn the process.
  • Introduce the PM’s and FTL’s to the Work Week Leaders, Ops, Mtce FLM’s, etc, etc,,,,
  •   Accompany the FTL’s to the Shift Mgr. for SWA sign-off and approval as required. Some FTL’s are very intimidated the first time they meet the Shift Mgr..
  •   Work with Assessing to ensure tasks are assessed on time or new tasks are added as required.
  • Send Assessing a weekly PMC Project Backlog Report of tasks to be assessed.
  •  Walk-about: visit B06 and B33 at least once a day, possibly twice a day depending on outstanding actions. 
  • Resolve scheduling and planning issues with PMs and FTL’s face-to-face when possible.
  •  Meet with 3 to 5 PMs / FTLs per visit to B06 and B33.
  • Continually review work on the station plan to ensure it stays on the plan. Confirm work is not in the WZ-Bin or moved out to a future date without your knowledge. 
  • Leverage and remind people of the “Ready to Work” program. Work with the T-26 Cycle Mgr. to ensure work is added to the plan.
  •  Review work at T-0 and T+1 to confirm it was completed as scheduled. Reschedule or Scope Work Authorization (SWA) it immediately back on to the station plan if required. 
  • Resolve material issues and confirm the status of material with Supply Chain. Send an email, follow up with a face-to-face meeting when possible.
  • Send the out the PMC Project – Online Work Management report every two weeks.
  • Present and review the PMC Project – Online Work Management report every Wednesday during Visual Mgmt Board (VMB) with the Work Week Leaders.
  •  Help complete SWA’s for the FTL’s if they’re maxed out.
  • Visit the maintenance shops a couple of times a week.
  • Work closely with Work Group Coords (WGC’s) and Cost & Schedule Techs (CST’s) from each Performance Team. Give them lots of heads up on projects which will be executed by their crews.
  •  Coordinate Team Action Meetings (TAM’s) and monthly meetings with project groups and key stakeholders such as Fuel Handling.
  •  Visit the shops (stand in the shop) especially when work is scheduled on the weekend to make sure it’s executed.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!