20-067- Section Manager, Projects

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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Section Manager, Projects 

Resume Due Date: Monday, August 24, 2020 (5:00PM EST)                         

Number of Vacancies: 3 

Duration: 2 years 

Location: Clarington

Job Overview

This position will focus on project deliverables required to take the Darlington New Nuclear Project from concept to close out. This will require a dynamic and collaborative project team to manage the evaluation new technologies, work closely with technology companies and vendors to plan the project, produce schedules and estimates, manage risks, manage vendor contracts, and plan and oversee execution of site activities.

  •  Plan, organize, schedule, and coordinate the work of Department staff. Validate the work within the work group to ensure good quality, accuracy, and productivity.
  • Develop work methods. Make recommendations to the Supervisor regarding training.
  • Conduct and submit written appraisals to Supervisor for review/ approval.
  • Provide advice, administer, diagnose and solve problems associated with Department facilities and specific project elements.
  • Define project objectives, scope, estimates, schedules, work plans and all resource requirements, (including equipment and staffing).
  • Integrate tile efforts of all persons contributing to a project including the tile customer, planning, finance, engineering, estimating, drafting, installation, quality control, radiation protection, safety, security, materials management, cost and schedule control, commissioning and documentation.
  • Coordinate and implement project technical work/solutions, and initiate the acquisition of appropriate approvals, as required in support of the operation and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Identify potential problems and opportunities in assigned areas and/or systems in the facility.
  • Assess, evaluate, diagnose, identify, and recommend initial disposition of the problems as requiring (1) further review and investigation(s), (2) abandonment of tile problems being the best alternative.
  • Prepare submissions, including cost justification or financial evaluation as appropriate; recommend adoption of the proposal and the steps required to incorporate same.
  • Prepare proposals and detailed documentation, such as equipment specifications, engineering calculations, installation, testing, operating and maintenance procedures, and the like.
  • Submit necessary documentation covering complete proposal for forwarding to responsible bodies for requirements of Ontario Hydro, OHN, DNGD, regulatory bodies, codes and standards, are implemented.
  • Identify new developments and technological advancements in the field for potential incorporation in the Department.
  • Prepare new or revised procedures consistent with operating licenses, policies, principles, Department/Division standard practices, standing instructions, maximum safety of operation, minimal risk of damage or loss, optimum frequency of routines, efficient operation and the like.
  • Prepare reports, for distribution to various groups, outlining technical details of procedure, processes, results, or conclusions and the roles played by internal and/or external groups; including Ontario Hydro, AECt, or other external agencies – this may include the delivery of presentations.
  • Prepare or assist in the preparation of specifications, for purchasing requisitions for material, services, and equipment.
  • Follow-up with procurement contact, and provide necessary project technical services during field installation.
  • Prepare recommendations for spare parts requirements for existing and new equipment.
  • Recommend research and development programs required to improve equipment, system(s), or unit reliability or performance, chemical control, material performance, rates and the like.
  • Lead the application of quality principles to the work of the Unit, through enhanced service and team approach.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Department’s annual budget. Required to provide cost estimates for new products and update costs of existing projects for input into Departmental budgets.
  • Monitor actual project costs, and investigate and explain variances. Assist in the preparation of financial justification for the release of project funds.


  • Industry experience in different reactor technologies are considered an asset.
  • Knowledge of engineering and sciences principles, theories, applications and technology are required. This includes; physics, electrical, instrumentation, chemistry, chemistry components, mechanical, metallurgy, mathematics and economics.
  • The ability to effectively understand, evaluate, initiate, and advise on the processes and work programs in use, the components and structures installed in nuclear facilities, the CANDU Reactor, and operating characteristics of associated systems and equipment to facilitate the solution of maintenance and operating problems.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills are required.
  • A strong background related to design/construction of projects with particular emphasis the systems associated with nuclear facilities.
  • Practical operating and technical experience associated with the Nuclear power plant design and operation required.
  • Experience in project management and all aspects of engineering management processes.
  • Ability to comprehend, interpret and apply Operating Policies and Principles, administrative policies and procedures, radiation protection policies, practices and standards affiliated with related project design.

Experience to provide functional advice, guidance and interpretation of engineering programs, standards and procedures